So I’ve been playing Beanfun’s Lucent Heart for North America lately, it’s really really fun! I’m enjoying the soulmate system (holy shit the emotes are adorable), the gameplay is solid and the characters are friggin’ CUTE. The entire game gave me diabetus the first time I tried it and I am a solid fan and player now. Cannot wait for the item mall to come tonight. B) But yeah, for Fourth of July, they handed out red framed glasses and have had multiple ‘firework giveaway’ events beforehand, where they handed out fireworks to prepare for the actual Fourth. Continue Reading »


Today is LGBT pride day!

If you’re a part of the LGBT community, you probably know today very well. The last Sunday of June, which is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride month, will be considered “LGBT Pride Day”.

Show your pride, have an awesome day.

Story + Worried

So I have been working on a story, recently. I’ve never been this inspired to write something like this before. So many ideas flowed into my head, but I’m really excited to get it all on paper. The story will be called “51”, it’ll be about a boy who was drafted into the royal army (medieval cloak and dagger) as a scout, and there are 50 of them fighting a war that feels like a lost cause, they’re all struggling to keep the opposing forces back, when they recruit one more scout, number 51. After he arrives, everything changes. I won’t say more than that and just let you read a chapter of the story if you’re interested, but I feel like it’s actually a really interesting story. I don’t think I’ve had confidence in anything like this before.

Wish me luck!

In other news, a friend of mine, I have recently found out has lung cancer due to being a smoker. I was shocked and honestly too stunned to really know how to react, all I can do is worry for him since he’s leaving twitter, deleting his facebook, and essentially abandoning his internet life to get his real life on track. (I think that’s why)
But no matter what his reasons, I trust they’re worthy ones.

I wish you the best.

I was intending to write a new post sometime within the 2 – 3 weeks my internet has been out, so this will come a bit late.
I was going to have trouble finding what to blog about, but I guess the disaster in Japan needs to be spoken of first.

My heart goes out to the families and people of Japan who died or have been negatively affected by this tragedy. A tsunami caused by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, thousands of bodies found dead, one of their nuclear… facilities? Melted down and many people have been heavily exposed to radiation.

I was told this is one of the biggest earthquakes in history, and it just so happened to be right next to a continent. Please pray for Japan, donate if you can because they definitely need it. You can donate in american dollars to yen to the Japanese red cross here.

All I can do unfortunately is feel terrible for what’s happened and even worse that I can’t donate any money or I would in the blink of an eye. Do what you can, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

I know it’s not that great, but I hope I did well. I really like mer-people and Cassiopeia’s ‘Siren’ skin reminded me of them, so it inspired me, what I was going for with Eradyn was a support caster since the game has plenty of nukers and not enough variety in support. The original concept was a nuker with a lot of disables, but I figured that was more suited towards Leblanc, so I went with support. I really wanted to be creative with his abilities, so here it is. Continue Reading »

So I was digging through the Christmas update patch notes, and I see THIS:


Competitive environments, by their nature, tend to get people riled up. While part of that is simply the magic of competition, it carries with it the risk of running into a few sour grapes. We’re acutely aware that not every competitive environment remains friendly, and it only takes one disgruntled player to ruin the game for nine other people. Continue Reading »

Okay. So I was thinking about it.
I mean really, what do I have to do? Beg? Get on my knees? Work as a voluntary intern for 5 weeks with 12 hour shifts every single day? Continue Reading »